More than a decade ago, the founders of FakeBape began to approach the streets and designer clothing. Bape is my first contact with the brand, and I really like this ape-man. However, due to product restrictions and financial impact, I began to try to buy Remake and Fake Bape. It is undeniable that the quality of genuine Bape is better than most fakes. However, with the improvement of the reproduction factory technology, more and more fake bape can compete with genuine products.

Why do we rank

Fake sellers are often removed by Google because of digital rights. So you have a hard time finding a good fake bape seller. Many people have prejudice against Fake because of a lot of inferior reproductions.

There is another important reason, the authentic price is too expensive. People who like street clothes are concentrated in the age of 18-34. For young people who have just graduated, buying a licensed Bape is overburdening them.

How We Rank?

Customer service, product quality, and express speed are the basis of our review and ranking. We visit and make purchases on our website as impersonation. Review based on seller response rate and service attitude. We purchase Bape apparel for review and judgment of quality, and will post it on Youtube.

Our ranking is based on the principles of justice and fairness, without any other personal feelings and interests.

What Can You Get

No doubt you can find the best Fake Bape Hoodie and Mask. For young people with financial constraints, they can enjoy Bape's exaggerated and handsome design.

In addition, we will post Bape's news and buying guides on our blog page.

Work With Us

If you bought satisfactory Bape replicas on other websites and you want to recommend them, you can contact us. We will review and involve them in our ranking.

If you have different opinions on our website, please feedback to us. thank you very much.